Online Student Perspectives

Dylan Hogue

"Not a day goes by that I don't refer back to something I learned in this program" 

— Dylan Hogue, graduate of the Master of Engineering program






"I was recently a finalist for a deputy city manager position and my credentials from UNO were viewed very favorably. I was extremely pleased to find a NASPAA accredited school that offered an online MPA program without a residency requirement." 

— Gwen Voelpel, Washington, graduate of the online Master of Public Administration program 







"The courses tremendously increased my knowledge of Earth systems and resources, and how they interact together. Organized into themes of interconnectedness, the courses demonstrated how all systems are intertwined. I use many of the course activities to help my students understand the concepts they are designed to demonstrate."

— Carl Scheffler, New York, Secondary Science Teacher






Carol Jensen

"This program made it possible for me to earn a quality Ph.D. without requiring me to relocate or change careers. The online format was exactly what I needed to advance in my studies as well as keep my other real life commitments." 

— Carol Jensen, Iowa









"The classes provided excellent background information in a concise manner. They gave us great ideas for lesson plans that are hands-on and inquiry-based. The lab earth classes gave me enough information to totally rework how I teach earth science."

— Catherine Schumacher, 7-8 grade science teacher, Nebraska 


Cynthia Gooch


"I had an opportunity to meet people from across the county and around the world, so getting regional and international points of view was a uniquely meaningful experience. Online learning is invigorating, fast-paced and rigorous."

— Cynthia Gooch, Nebraska, graduate of the online Educational Administration program 






Eric Fieldsted

"The program was everything that I wanted. It was rigorous as well as accessible. I was able to learn from the professors and my peers through online interactions and lectures. I loved the program and have accomplished the goals I set out to do."

— Eric Fieldsted, Utah, Graduate of the online Master of Biology program








Jacob Rodriguez

"The flexibility of the online format allowed me to continue my studies while being relocated with the military. I found the faculty to be extremely responsive, helpful and understanding of my family situation."

— Jacob Rodriguez, Colorado



James Reed

"The flexibility of the online program allowed me to spend more time with my family as well as pursue some of my other interests. I recommend this program to anyone that has a tight schedule because of the flexibility, the helpfulness of the professors, and the ability to work on the classes when it fits your schedule."

— James Reed, Nebraska 




"The distance MBA program has definitely helped my career. Soon after graduation I changed companies, got a nice bump in pay and now I'm doing the kind of work I always wanted to do."

— Jason Hall, Texas, graduate of the online MBA program 





Joanna Utrecht

"The communication with the professors has been easier than I first anticipated. I live in an area that is somewhat remote and online education is the ideal way to work on my master's degree."

— Joanna Utecht, Nebraska 








John Nixon

"The online MPA program has allowed me to improve my level of public service without having to leave the community I currently serve. My professors have promptly responded to all my questions, and the online environment provided a convenient and easy-to-use venue for advanced educational learning."

— John Nixon, North Carolina, graduate of the online Master of Public Administration program 




Kaye Shelton

"As an online PhD student at the University of Nebraska, I developed relationships with highly respected faculty and engaged in dynamic and relevant coursework and scholarship that immediately enriched my own career."

— Dr. Kaye Shelton, Texas








Krisit Delozier

"The professors and staff of the online program have been engaging and arduous, yet also very supportive, resulting in a very dynamic and top-notch program overall."

— Kristi DeLozier, Washington







"The program affirmed that 'old dogs' can learn new tricks. I know I am a better administrator because of this program."  

— Marilyn K. McGahan, Vice President, North Platte Community College, Graduate of the Community College Leadership Certificate program




Marshall Crawford

"The online MPA was a challenging program that allowed for significant personal input. My experiences played a key role in many discussions. The program has enhanced my ability to speak more clearly on different subject matters in public administration and nonprofit management."

— Marshall Crawford, Washington, DC





Nance Moran

"I searched far and wide for a program that would accommodate my current professional career and possess accreditation allowing me advancement in my field, and I only found one: UNK. This program has been very challenging and interactive. I especially enjoyed my professors, advisers, and all of the classmates I have met online."

— Nance Moran, Massachusetts








Rod Streets

"The program quickly increased my understanding of the intricacies of public policy and operations, and the leadership skills required to be successful in government today. Completing the online MPA has put me in the top two percent of my peers."

— Rod Streets, Nevada





Roopa Chandrasekhar

"The Masters Program augmented my prior work experience in human resources, training and development. I especially appreciated being taught by professors who are experienced in the field of education, curriculum and learning management systems."

— Roopa Chandrasekhar, Texas








Susan Hubbard"I loved my combination of long distance learning and meeting for classes once a month. Everything I learned in my classes I was able to take back to my school and implement it."

— Susan Hubbard, Lincoln, NE








Tim Alvarez"Returning to school has been the single most influential moment in my life... obtaining the degree has afforded my family a great quality of life."

— Tim A. Alvarez, Ph.D.






"My time was filled with kids and military life. Each time we moved, 13 times in 17 years, I would tell myself that this time I would find the time to finish college. Because of the online program at the University of Nebraska, I finally kept the promise to myself."

— Trish Danigole