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FREE Criminal Justice Career Guide


FREE Criminal Justice Career Guide

Are you considering a career in criminal justice or are you already a criminal justice professional interested in advancing your career? Submit your information above to receive a free criminal justice career guide. It contains information about the types a careers in criminal justice, an outlook on specific areas of growth within the field, information on salaries, and tips for advancing in a criminal justice career.


Advance Your Career.                                                  Earn Your Degree in Criminal Justice - ONLINE

Hiring standards in the criminal justice field are becoming increasingly competitive, giving job seekers who have completed a four-year undergraduate degree or a master’s in criminal justice a distinct advantage. A degree can position you for leadership opportunities and also can mean higher earning potential.


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Criminology and Criminal Justice, BGS 

  • Bachelor of General Studies, Concentration in Criminology and Criminal Justice

  • Designed for students 21 and older

  • Degree completion program, transfer credits are accepted from all accredited colleges and universities, including up to 64 credits from community colleges

  • Credit may also be granted for military service and training, and for many workplace training programs.


Criminal Justice, BS

  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

  • Degree completion program

  • Designed for students who may already have earned an associate's degree or who have already completed the majority of their general education courses

  • Gain hands-on experience through an intensive internship, completed at a location convenient to you


Criminology and Criminal Justice, MS 

  • Master of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • 36 credit hour program
  • To customize their program, students may choose nine credit hours in a related field such as Public Administration, Business Administration, Psychology, Political Science, or Sociology